The Bettie Page Gallery

Welcome to our little video gallery of Bettie Page shorts. The 1950's trailblazer that inspried many a "wet dream". All can be found on check them out.

For more on this lovely lass you can visit her official web site.

"Party Doll "

From the full length technicolor film "Teaserama"

"Pin Up Beauties Fight"

An especially rare and rewarding Irving Klaw film-loop (circa 1955) with more hard-hitting action than usual. (Stills from this shoot are among his more popular images.) Here "Jungle Bettie", in her sexy leopard bikini, is a slave in chains forced to serve a cruel dominatrix. Bettie is a brat so her mistress puts her over her knee and really lets her have it. A more vigorous spanking than usual for a Klaw film. 

An Irving Klaw Fetish Double Bill
"Spanked Slave Girl"

Bettie and popular model June King in energetic cat-fight wresting scene with a good deal of spanking added. Interesting, almost arty, opening shot of just their feet (Klaw had a lot of foot fetish customers). Most likely the same film where Bettie seriously injured her knee which led to a religious revelation as described in her bio "The Real Bettie Page" (p. 64).

Peeping Tom's Paradise

Sailor Martin stars in this remixed 1950s stag film, in which the tattooed and pierced ventriloquist dummy peers unnoticed at a buxom woman in her changin room. The model is reputed to be Bettie Page. Or perhaps it’s Betty Blue, a former Playboy Playmate of the Month for November 1956.

Betty Page and her High Heeled Shoes

Another Betty Page film from the early 1950s in black and white. With some great blues music as the soundtrack.

Betty Page Dressed In Satin

Betty Page film in black and white made about 1950. She had the body, the looks, just about everything men at the time wanted. Still popular today she has become a legend. There are thousands of pics of her and a few movies as well. Please enjoy.