The 1939 New York World'Sin Fair

Step right up gentlemen and ladies and prepare to be shocked and titillated as we take you into the seething pool of sin and depravity that existed at the 1939 New York World's Fair. At Chicago's 1933 fair visitors were scandalized by Sally Rand and her swirling fans. So six years later New York pulled out the stops and presented a potpourri burlesque and other exotic dancers half naked women cavorting across several stage in the "amusement" area. They're all here from the topless swimmers making waves in surrealist master Salvador Dali's “Dream Of Venus”. To the see through “son” worshipers at The Congress of Beauty cavorting around in the broad daylight.

In this clip we see a nearly naked young woman encased in a block of ice. Why? Dunno when your competing with all the other half naked women at the fair you need to be different.

Nils T. Granlund was a publicist, live stage producer and nightclub owner his Congress Of Beauty presented scantily clad sirens in a unique environment.
Congress Of Beauty
Mirror mirror on the wall and floor and ceiling how many refelctions of these bewitching vixens can you see at one time.

Yes folks that's right we present the Living Magazine Covers exhibit. And here they are years before Playboy and are they exhibiting!

With all the other truely bizzare presentations at the fair Salvadore Dali must felt right at home. That he created his outlandish Dream Of Venus in only eight weeks is remarkable. For more background on this work of art click here.
Living Magazine Covers
Frozen Alive
Crystal Lassies
Dali's Dream Of Venus
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