Info and a couple of nice pics of Albequrqe NM neon

The history of neon.

A really great roadside architecture site that has neon photos in different spots.

The Museum of Neon Art site includes a nice collection of links .

Web site for a book written about L.A. neon

An excellent photo gallery of night neon shots mostly in NYC. Make sure you check out his page of animated signs.

Another first rate site from a Philly signmaker.

Signs & Neon by TJ

A glass bender and sign makers web site. It contains a lot of information about neon signs and photo galleries of his work. There is also a large collection of neon ar


Who is Recapturist?

My mission with the Recapturist series is to capture, preserve and share the increasingly endangered beauty of vintage signs through photography.  I find myself especially drawn to the Googie-inspired neon signs that many local businesses favored during the mid-1900s.  These once highly conspicuous roadside treasures were easily identified by their bright colors and bold features including large sweeping arrows, pronounced geometric shapes and sometimes even space-themed details.

A bittersweet look back at the golden age of neon in Las Vegas.

A nice look at the efforts to restore neon signs in LA as an urban renewal project.