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I Since the mid 1960's music has been a part of my life I've listened, made, bought and sold it. Now I enjoy a great deal of music without really owning or downloading much. Mostly I listen to the radio, Pandora, go to the llibrary and through online video. This is going to be a collection of music or stories about music /musicians I encounter. The things I dig if you will. You will also have the opportunity to purchase (through Amazon) items by the perfomers and groups I am writing about.

For about fifteen years I had the opportunity to work for a legend in the Chicago record business Val Camelettii owner of Val's Halla records one of the oldest record stores in the country. It is also one of Chicago's first used record store and home to a bathroom that serves as an Elvis Shrine . Val is now on her third Oak Park location and can now be found online at http://valshallarecords.com/and offline 239 Harrison St  Oak Park, IL 6030 (708) 524-1004.


Pink Floyd w/ Syd Barrett

Pink Floyd developed out of a band called The Tea Set in the summer of 1965. The name was made up by Syd Barrett shortly after he joined the band mainly because there was another T Set gigging in London. The name comes from two of Syd's favorite blues musicians; Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Like a lot of other British bands they did a lot of American R&B covers.

By 1966 the band was doing there own music and creating their own psychedelic sound.A move that was not well received by everyone one of there bookings refused to pay them claiming what the band played wasn't music, and won in court. On the other hand they became the house band for UFO a new London club that quickly became ground zero for this new music. This year also saw the band playing their first gigs out of London.

It was the year 1967 that saw the band catapault into the public spotlight as they released their first album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. In addition they appeared in the film "Tonight Let's All Make Love In London" starring Michael Caine & Lee Marvin. This video along with apperances on BBC and Dick Clark's American Bandstand are included at the left. In November they made a 11 date mini English tour with Jimi Hendrix. Highlighted by their performence at the Christmas On Earth Festival an all day event at the Olympia Exhibition Hall.

While 1967 was the year that made the band it was also the year that broke Syd Barrett. The rampant drug abuse that fuled his creativity turned into one of the first acid casualties and the Christmas festival was his last on stage apperence with the band. After that the band stopped picking him up for gigs and by mid 1968 he was out of the band and hospitalized for a time.

His influence on the band would continue as parts of the groups most famous lps "Dark Side Of The Moon" and "Wish You Were Here" were at least partially about him.

On a final note we include a link to the story behind a comic book program created by Hipgnosis for the "Dark Side Of The Moon tour " posted on the Dangerous Minds site.


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As the Rolling Stones march through thier sixth decade it's easy to forget the impact they had in the early days. I was recently taken back to those times when I caught the HBO documentary The Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane. While it covers the years up to 1982 the main focus is on that first decade.

Those first ten years is when they earned the title world's greatest rock and roll band. Mick and the boys touched off riots, confronted the law and danced with the devil.

The videos on the right include their electrifying apperence on the The T.A.M.I. Show. Where they had the uneviable task of following James Brown.

The second clip is from the afore mentioned "Crossfire" film and intercuts footage of the chaos of their early gigs with a tv discussion featuring Mick and a psychologist.

This is followed by a clip from Gimme Shelter with the Stones trying to do "Sympathy For the Devil" as the Atamont stage swirls with violence fueled by The Hells Angles.

Finally we take a look behind the scenes of the 1972 “Exile” tour with an excerpt from Robert Frank's Cocksucker Blues .

This, in my mind, marked the end of golden years. While they would go on make some good music and make a ton of money with mega tours they never really came close to the brilliance of those early days.

For those who want the music here it is.


The Rolling Stones A Look At The Golden Years
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