The Lawless Years
Crime Scene TV is our home for classic 1950's era crime / noir TV shows. Some of my earliest memories are of watching shows like Peter Gun, Mr. Lucky, Naked City and others.
The Poison Ivy Story
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The Nick Joseph Story
Peter Gun

Here's a couple of episodes from The Lawless Years an NBC crime show that aired for three seasons from 1959 - 1961. It starred James Gregory who is best known as Inspector Lugar on Barney Miller. In this series he plays Barney Ruditsky a real life NYC detective.

The Nick Joseph Story stars a young Vic Morrow.

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Smooth and debonair Peter Gunn was a different kind of private eye. His office was a hip club called Mother's and jazz music provided the background score. Director Blake Edwards went on to a successful film career The Pink Panther being his most notable achievement.
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The Fuse
Let's Kill Timothy
Gang Busters
The Dillinger Case
The Unholy Three
Gang Busters was a true crime multi media franchise; radio show that ran for 21 years , a comic book and film serial. In 1952 it was this short lived TV series that has the distinction of being the highest rated show to be cancelled. It ran alternate weeks with Dragnet another popular radio show making the leap to the small screen. As popular as it was Dragnet was a monster so bye bye Gang Busters.
Man With A Camera
A late 1950's ABC series that starred Charles Bronson as Mike Kovac a WW 2 combat photographer turned photographer / private eye. A bit of a technologist Kovac has a phone in his car, a darkroom in a trunk and an array of hidden cameras. The series lasted for two seasons with a total of 29 episodes.
2nd Ave. Assassin
Hot Ice Cream
Six Faces Of Satan

More episodes:

Ep. 3 The Jane Cooper Story

Ep. 04 The Story of Cutie Jaffe

Ep. 05 The Dutch Schultz Story

Ep. 06 The Lion And The Mouse

More episodes:

The Boilat Fiaschetti Case

The Phantom Case

The Karpis Case

The Bayless Case

The Van Meter Case


More episodes:

Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe became a half hour television series that aired on ABC for 26 episodes in 1959/60 "Murder Is A Grave Affair" was #23. A star struck young woman is involved with a famous Hollywood director. She then dies under mysterious circumstances.

YouTube station ChiTownView has some noirish postings that can be found on this playlist.

More Marlowe " The Ugly Duckling" is the first. Donna Raymond is a vixen who has her claws in David Jordan, a married man. He is a lawyer who looks after his wealthy wife's interests. Donna arranges to have someone run Mrs. Jordan off the road but she survives. At this point Marlowe is called in by Paul Howard who is Mrs. Jordan's father.

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Nightclub Murder
Phillip Marlowe
Comic Strip Killer
Martin Kane Private Detective
Debuting in 1949 Martin Kane has the distinction of being TV's first private eye show. It lasted for five seasons with four different actors (including Loyd Nolan) playing the lead role. It was also the first show with commercials built into the show. Each episode featured a visit to Happy McMann's Tobacco Shop where the virtues of the shows sponser U.S. Tobacco was presented.