IChiTownView is where we explore the Chicago area. Traveling around the city I'm always aware of the history that surrounds me and how quickly the physical signs of the history can slip away.So I stop look and make short clips and if there's a story behind what I'm seeing I share it. The material we're presenting is for the most part original productions. We have three continuing series running right now. "Chicago Crime Now & Then" is our look at the long history of organized crime in the windy city. We also look at the area designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. And take you on The Chicago Neon Tour.

We don't limit our offerings to Chicago related things but delve into other big cities and offer some interesting documentaries. Explore our extensive playlists you never know what you'll find.


MindsiMedia was my first YouTube station. It was up for about five years and we did pretty good offering a mixture of obscure music, movies and general weirdness. Like most YouTubers I ran into trouble with copyright issues and we were terminated. I've put some of the MindsiMedia stuff on ChiTownView but it's just not the same so we started MindsiMedia Home and while we have some music we've started ChiTownSoundz for that and here mostly we offer weird old movies; avant garde, surreal, early silents, films of an adult nature and who knows.

A musical scapbook of blasts from the past and performers I'm checking out nowadays. Over the years I've made music in bands like Raw Noize & Captian Zero & the Radioactive Lovers. For more than a decade worked at Val's Halla Records where I built an Elvis shrine in an unused bathroom. Ending up in the early oughts selling online as Mikes Diggs. Now I mostly just dig it and share it.

Of special note is our playlist of videos from Chicago's Blues Fest that takes place every year. The collection contains more than 100 clips. Make sure you check it out.


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A random series of web pages about different muiscians and styles I enjoyed.

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Crime Scene
We offer relics of the century past and this You Tube station is where you can find them.
Our latest addition is a collection of classic 1950's crime films and TV. It's a blast! 
Another of our now deleted YouTube stations was SilkSpot which featured vintage stripper and other mature content type videos. Many with updated soundtracks Definatly NSFW sop by and visit our Too Hot For You Tube page.

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My name is Mike Beyer and I'm basically a 20th century guy with not much use for our current millennium. So as our country slides backward I like to look back at the last century. Since 2005 MindsiMedia has been exploring some of what has caught my eye. It's an eccentric collection of the odd and the unusual with a strong Chicago point of view. So welcome to my web portal where you can connect with the various aspects of my little media empire.

I am a lifelong creator, collector and purveyor of images and sounds. Both stationary and those in motion. A cultural expolrer seeking to promote an interest in history and what it might teach us. Comments, questions, suggestions? Drop us a line via email.

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